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Science Channel – Secrets in the Ice: Series 1 (2020) Episode 5 Mystery of Skeleton Lake

Secrets in the Ice Series 1 Part 5 Mystery of Skeleton Lake

Secrets In The Ice: Series 1
As the Earth’s temperatures increase, ice sheets, glaciers and permafrost across the world are melting. In the process, our planet is being reshaped and perfectly preserved fragments of history are revealing themselves

Part 1: Revenge of the Zombie Killer
Experts make a chilling new discovery when they unearth a 30,000-year-old zombie virus from an icy grave; if this ancient disease is successfully resuscitated back to life, it could cause a catastrophic global calamity.

Part 2: Alien Ice Towers
When strange towers of ice are found growing from in a barren, water-starved desert, experts speculate why these structures have uncanny similarities to extraterrestrial formations recently discovered on Pluto’s alien landscape.

Part 3: Curse of the Ice Princess
After a 2,500-year-old mummy is discovered in Siberia, locals report strange, cataclysmic events that point to an ancient curse; using cutting-edge archaeology, experts reveal who this person was and if they’ve unleashed something sinister.

Part 4: Island of Arctic Cannibals
Three graves are discovered on the frozen beach of an uninhabited Arctic island, and the mummified corpses inside may answer a centuries-old mystery of an expedition that was literally consumed by the cannibalistic insanity of its mutinous crew.

Part 5: Mystery of Skeleton Lake
A frozen lake deep in the Himalayas melts once a year to expose hundreds of human bones and a centuries-old mystery of astonishing carnage, leaving experts to speculate if it was a single catastrophic event or something much more sinister.

Part 6: Arctic Doomsday Device
A top-secret military base hidden deep in the ice beyond the Arctic Circle is one of the Cold War’s most elaborate cover-ups, and recently declassified documents reveal its deadly purpose, and the threat it might still pose to all humankind.

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