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Science Channel – Secret Nazi Ruins: Season 1 (2019) Episode 1 Conspiracy on Death Island

Secret Nazi Ruins Series 1 Part 1 Conspiracy on Death Island
Secret Nazi Ruins: Series 1
The final collapse of the Nazi regime in 1945 left as many questions as it did relics. This series will uncover and examine some of the most unusual and secret sites, as experts dissect and reveal the purpose of these bases, their makeup and technical design.

Part 1: Conspiracy on Death Island
A strange, abandoned mansion on a remote island is central to countless conspiracy theories, and new discoveries reveal if this eerie site was a secret Nazi base intended for a sinister mission.

Part 2: The Doomsday Castle
An abandoned eerie structure in France could have doomed the Allies in World War II, and new discoveries at this mysterious site reveal the truth behind top-secret Nazi plans to unleash apocalyptic destruction.

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