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Science Channel – Mega Machines: Sea Giants (2017) Season 1 Episode 5 Mississippi River Monsters1080p

Mega Machines-Sea Giants Series 1 Part 5 Mississippi River Monsters1080p
Mega Machines Sea Giants: Series 1
Every mystery and danger of the sea is a technological challenge waiting to be overcome. From deep-sea danger to mega holiday cruises, helping rivers flow, and harvesting power, a. Mega Machines Sea Giants dives in deep to unlock the ultimate challenges of extreme maritime environments.

Part 1: Firefighting Super Ships
The biggest, most advanced fireboats in the world carry superhero behemoths, using cutting-edge engineering and technology to keep a critical American port safe from deadly fires

Part 2: World’s Largest Cruise Ship
The world’s largest and most advanced cruise ship races against the clock to board thousands of passengers in Miami, and using new technology, an expert team navigates the behemoth ship through perilous waters.

Part 3: Epic Earth Mover
The toughest and most powerful bucket wheel dredge in the world must be moved across the world, and using the latest tech, an expert team of engineers races against the clock to design, assemble, and ship the epic machine.

Part 4: US Navy Super Fleet
The world’s toughest naval fleet are put to the test as cutting-edge aircraft carriers, combat ships, and amphibious assault vehicles and their crews undergo challenging warfare exercises.

Part 5: Mississippi River Monsters
America’s largest river is home to some of the most massive and advanced machines on the planet, and a team of expert engineers use them to secure the Mississippi’s levees and keep its busy boat traffic rolling.

Part 6: Masters of the Deep
An expert team of heavyweight dredgers is on a mission to create the deepest port on America’s east coast, and using cutting-edge technology, they dig a harbor that can house the biggest cargo ships in the world.

Part 7: Titans of Power
The world’s biggest tidal turbine is a cutting-edge machine that can revolutionize the energy industry, but first, a crew of engineers must use the latest tech to battle dangerous tides and successfully install it.

Part 8: Super Port NYC
New York is home to one of the world’s busiest container ports, and using the latest technology and cutting-edge robotics, crews race to load and unload gargantuan ships before time runs out.

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