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Science Channel – Legends of the Deep: Season 1 (2019) 4of4 Mystery Of The Spy Sabotage

Legends of the Deep Series 1 4of4 Mystery of the Spy Sabotage
Legends of the Deep: Series 1
This series follows the Celine and Fabien Cousteau, grandchildren of Jacques Cousteau, as they travel the globe investigating underwater mysteries. They made four episode for series one investigating underwater UFO’s in Shag Harbor, sea serpents in Belize, a strange ferry sinking in Cyprus and a lost shipwreck in Bermuda.

Part 1: Bermuda Triangle the Secret Shipwreck
Celine and Fabien Cousteau use cutting-edge tech to hunt for a long-lost shipwreck in the Bermuda Triangle, and if their top-secret clues are right, they might uncover new evidence that explains the disappearances in this deadly and mysterious place.

Part 2: Search for the Sunken UFO
Celine and Fabien use cutting-edge tech to investigate one of the most credible UFO sightings in history, when a strange alien craft was spotted crashing into the ocean; what they discover might reveal evidence of extraterrestrial contact.

Part 3: Curse of the Sea Monster
Celine and Fabien use cutting-edge tech to investigate a strange part of the ocean that’s home to unexplained sightings of a terrifying sea monster. What they discover at this mysterious blue hole could lead them to an even deadlier creature.

Part 4: Mystery of the Spy Sabotage
A dangerous stretch of water in the Mediterranean is the resting place of an infamous sunken ship, and using the latest tech, Celine and Fabien Cousteau investigate if it was deliberately attacked by spies on a top-secret mission.

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