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Science Channel – Building Giants: Season 2 (2019) 1of3 Arctic Ice Hotel

Building Giants Series 2 1of3 Arctic Ice Hotel
Building Giants: Series 2
Building Giants showcases how key technological innovations enable giant superstructures to be built. Footage filmed during construction along with CGI reveal the building process with astonishing detail.

Part 1: Arctic Ice Hotel
Engineers brave the cold and nights of the Arctic Circle to build one of the largest ice hotels in the world. Using cutting-edge tech, they’ll move 15,000 tons of snow and ice to construct this modern marvel in just six weeks.

Part 2: Roller Coaster Mega Build
When an elite team of engineers race to build a record-breaking roller coaster in just 16 months, they use brand-new technology and the latest construction methods to turn 1,500 tons of steel into the fastest dive roller coaster in the world.

Part 3: Worlds Toughest Bridge
A team of expert engineers must complete a brand-new bridge in just three months, and using cutting-edge tech and the latest construction methods, this innovative megastructure has been build to brave the deadly winter weather of the Great North.

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