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SBS – Wild Germany: Series 1 (2012) 2of4 Mountains

SBS Wild Germany Series 1 2of4 Mountains
Wild Germany: Series 1
This four-part series marvels at the wonders of Germany’s beautiful landscapes and wildlife, exploring its huge mountains, picturesque rivers, magical forests and dreamlike coastlines, plus the furry creatures that inhibit these breathtaking environments.

SBS - Wild Germany: Series 1 (2012) Part 1: Coasts
This episode takes a bird’s eye view of Germany’s coasts, the North and Baltic, coastlines and islands in astonishing, brilliant pictures.

SBS - Wild Germany: Series 1 (2012) Part 2: Mountains
This episode shows unique insights into Germany’s mountain world, traveling from Saxonian Switzerland to the Palatinate Forest, from the Harz to the Alps.

SBS - Wild Germany: Series 1 (2012) Part 3: Forests
Shrouded in myth and legend, the forests of Germany are world famous, thanks to the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm. This episode reveals the strange creatures that actually live there.

SBS - Wild Germany: Series 1 (2012) Part 4: Rivers and Lakes
This final episode takes the viewer on a journey through the water world of Germany. In winter, the few ice-free surfaces are popular with waterfowl.

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