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SBS – Pompeii’s Final Hours: New Evidence (2018) Episode 2

Pompeiis Final Hours New Evidence Part 2
Pompeiis Final Hours: New Evidence Series 1
Historical documentary series challenging what we think we know about the end of Pompeii. Presented by Bettany Hughes, Raksha Dave and John Sergeant. For centuries, a third of the Roman city had been left untouched. This meant that hundreds of shops, homes, streets and bodies laid unseen beneath ash and rubble for 2000 years exactly as they were on the day of the eruption.

Part 1:
Historian Bettany Hughes, archaeologist Raksha Dave and John Sergeant reveal fresh evidence surrounding the volcano’s eruption. They begin on October 22, 79 AD, two days before Pompeii is destroyed, and piece together the final hours of the doomed city. Raksha joins a live dig, and John visits nearby Naples to find out how the Roman way of life has survived for 2000 years.

Part 2:
Historian Bettany Hughes, archaeologist Raksha Dave, and John Sergeant investigate what happened on the eve of the eruption, with John diving under the streets of Naples to find the extraordinary remains of one of the wonders of the ancient world: the Aqua Augusta. Raksha also climbs into the crater of Vesuvius to uncover what could have been happening inside the volcano in the fateful moments before the eruption.

Part 3:
Historian Bettany Hughes, archaeologist Raksha Dave and John Sergeant describe what happened when Vesuvius, which had lain dormant for 700 years, finally erupted, unleashing its full horror on Pompeii and killing everyone who remained. Bettany tries to understand why so many stayed behind, John retraces the route of Pliny the Elder as he tried in vain to get his fleet to Pompeii to pick up survivors and Raksha uses scientific analysis to solve the mystery of some of the city’s most famous skeletons.

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