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SBS – Nazis in the CIA (2013)

Nazis in the CIA

“They tortured and killed on an unimaginable scale, yet survived WWII: many Nazi war criminals fled before the Allied troops, many slinked off to a new life in South America. But the truth is, the Allies were less interested in morality and justice than in staving off the advance of communism, as represented by the Soviet Union.

The CIA recruited many former Nazis and Italian fascists as agents for their worldwide operations against communism. Financing part of this was the officially lost gold of the “Third Reich.” But how far did the cooperation between the CIA and the Nazi butchers really go?

In this new documentary “Nazis in the CIA”, Florian Hartung and Dirk Pohlmann (Israel and the Bomb) have reconstructed a previously unknown dimension of the collaboration between Nazis and the CIA in the Cold War. Drawing upon recently released documents, the film exposes for the first time a perfidious, worldwide net that reaches deep into the power structures of the Federal Republic of Germany. Lending their authority to the fact-finders’ mission are high-ranking statesmen, journalists and historians.”

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