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SBS – Algeria from Above: Season 1 (2019) Episode 1

Algeria From Above Series 1 Part 1
Algeria From Above: Series 1
Algeria From Above is the first documentary shot of Algeria exclusively from the sky. Through the eyes of the famous French photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand, we are introduced to this grandiose country, its cultural and natural wealth, in entirely new ways.

Part 1:
Part one of Algeria From Above is the first documentary introducing the country totally from above. Arthus-Bertrand’s eye and co-director Yazid Tizi enable us to to discover this spectacular country embracing exceptional cultural and natural riches. From North to South, from West to East the director’s show us people’s daily life,

Part 2:
We’re back under the eagle eye of filmmaker Yann Arthus-Bertrand to view the lesser known yet rich, undulating landscape of Algeria, bordering Morocco’s east. We follow the daily lives of people in all its disparate corners – the coastal capital of Algiers, the Atlas Mountains, desert oases and the hills of the Sahel, a biogeographic zone where the Sahara to the north meets the Sudanian savannah to the south.

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