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S4C – Pobol Port Talbot (2016)

S4C Pobol Port Talbot

Port Talbot People.

Looks at community life in Port Talbot.

Chapter 1.
How many of us are guilty of driving past Port Talbot on the M4 without wondering what life’s like in the local community? This series offers a chance to travel into the community and to get to know the residents. The place is of course famous for its steel works, but there is far more to the area than industry.

Chapter 2.
We follow the people of Port Talbot during the day – driving a taxi, going for a walk, getting married. Life goes on as in any other community but in the background looms the uncertain future of Tata Steel and the 4,000 people who work there.

Chapter 3.
We follow life in Port Talbot in the evening. The shift changes at work, children come home from school, a group goes surfing and others prepare for a gig or choir practice. Although daily life goes on, local people have to deal with the uncertain future of the steelworks.

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