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Rock ‘N’ Roll Inventions: Season 1 (2016) 5of6 Special EFX

Rock N Roll Inventions Series 1 5of6 Special EFX
Rock N Roll Inventions: Series 1
Crank up the volume as we go behind the power chords and pounding rhythms to celebrate the innovations that made rock ‘n’ roll what it is today. Join us as we explore the instruments, special effects, and moments of inspiration that gave the world vinyl, electric guitars, synthesizers, digital singles, and even laser shows. Music legends Martha Reeves, Dave Davies, and others share their insights, all accompanied by the classic and modern hits that have provided the soundtrack to our lives.

Part 1: This Damn Music
See how stereo sound, music videos, CDs, and digital downloads changed rock ‘n’ roll forever.

Part 2: Going Electric
See how the electric guitar emerged from back row player to center stage superstar.

Part 3: Sultans of Sound
Witness the technological developments in music recording, from studio innovations to mobile capabilities.

Part 4: Rise of Keyboards
From the Mellotron to the Minimoog, see how synthesized sound took music to futuristic worlds and astronomical heights.

Part 5: Special EFX
See how sound effects like echo, reverb, distortion and sampling evolved to become part of the musical mainstream.

Part 6: Stage to Spectacle
Revisit the history of the rock concert and see how bands and artists use technology to keep upping the wow factor.

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