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Psychedelica: Season 1 (2018) 10of14 Integrating Psychedelic Experiences

Psychedelica Series 1 10of14 Integrating Psychedelic Experiences
Psychedelica: Series 1
In this ground-breaking original series, experts explore the history and use of psychedelic plants including political ambitions, the perceived shadow side and the proper environment to experience these substances. From the origins of Shamanism to the spiritual expression of modern awakenings, discover the role of sacred medicine as a gateway to expanded consciousness, and its continued influence on humanity.
Featuring: Brigitte Mars, Shane Mauss, Stanislav Grof, Rick Strassman, Marion Boon, Boa Cowee, David Nichols, Daniel McQueen, Dennis McKenna, Kimba Arem, Ashleigh Sergeant

Part 1: Psychedelics and Consciousness
Take an introductory look at the founding practices and propaganda surrounding the development and prohibition of psychedelic use in our society. When scientific study and ancient ritual point toward psychedelics as a tool for healing and awakening, why are these age-old plants regarded as harmful?

Part 2: Shamanic Root
Explore the evolution of shamanism, from the earliest practices of indigenous cultures to its impact and influence on modern society. See how these psychedelic plants have connected communities through spirit quests, healing ceremonies and ancient rituals.

Part 3: Ayahuasca Journey into Infinity
Our team of psychonauts discuss the science and spirituality of Ayahuasca and its effects on body, mind and soul as we journey deep into the Amazon rainforest to discover the powerful medicine at the roots of South American shamanic culture. The origins of this practice are lost to time, relegated to the stuff of mythos, but those who have undertaken this journey; they report a life-changing experience. New discoveries, in laboratories and clinical settings, have revealed great therapeutic benefits of Ayahuasca for various mental disorders.

Part 4: DMT Revolution of Consciousness
The effects of DMT on the brain opened up a world of neurological exploration and experimentation in the early 1930s. Since then, studies have continued to examine the psychoactive compound known as the spirit molecule, and its relationship to the untapped capabilities of consciousness.

Part 5: Psilocybin the Magic of Mushrooms
Follow along with us as we trace the historical use of mushrooms as keepers of mysterious teachings which can connect us with a world that has always been a hidden part of our own. Found throughout indigenous shamanic practices and ancient mystery cults across the globe, mushrooms have long held a prominent role in humanitys spiritual evolution and our connection with the divine. Modern research has unlocked the chemical compounds in psilocybin mushrooms which affect the brain in unusual and powerful ways.

Part 6: Cacti Indigenous Medicine of the Mind
Throughout the centuries, psychoactive cacti, like peyote and huachuma, guided our ancestors on a sacred path of healing and spiritual transformation. Our team of explorers discuss the ceremonial use of cacti in the Americas since ancient times and what this psychoactive plant holds for our future. Clinicians and healers have discovered that cacti open the frontal context to help us think clearly and enable them to detect energy patterns in the body which may indicate disease.

Part 7: Cannabis the Original Medicine
Appearing in ancient and historical references throughout time, the benefits and practical uses of hemp seem to be limitless. From healing to athletic conditioning, see how this original medicines resilience has continued to influence our society.

Part 8: The Shadow Side of Psychedelics
Psychedelics have the power to send you traveling to explore alternative realities as well as within to confront internalized traumas and emotions. Discover the support systems and preparations needed to engage with psychoactive substances, as experts weigh in on the proper set and setting.

Part 9: Engaging the Dream
In addition to your external surroundings, ceremony, intention and dream work can also act as supportive tools to properly heal the traumas triggered and released by psychedelic use. Study the practices and beliefs of the indigenous cultures that engaged in dream work to traverse altered states of consciousness and achieve individual and collective healing.

Part 10: Integrating Psychedelic Experiences
After a psychedelic ceremony, the seeker may find themselves left with more questions than answers. They may even find the experience taxing and difficult to deal with. This emphasizes the importance to take some time for deep contemplation and selfcare in order to reintegrate themselves back into the world as new patterns are established in the mind.

Part 11: The Holy Mushroom Theory
Scholars agree that psychedelic substances played an important role in the origin of Christianity. However, they continue to debate if the images emblazed upon arcane frescos depict psychedelic mushrooms and their intended use as sacrament. Despite the disagreement, they find common ground with the prayerful ingestion of entheogens to help one connect to the divine.

Part 12: A Psychedelic Society
How would a future society, integrated with psychedelics as therapeutic and scientific tools, look and function? As stewards of the Earth, psychedelics may have the capability to help us usher in a positive future where spirituality and the supernatural have returned as an important part of the human experience. What we can learn from indigenous shamanic cultures.

Part 13: Sound Healing and Sonic Psychedelics
Music and rhythm have always been a part of the shamanic experience and can be powerful tools to guide consciousness into higher realms and induce healing. From traditional instruments to building playlists, tune in to learn about sonic set and setting for achieving heightened states of consciousness. Our panel of experts discuss simple sonic techniques used to induce, alter, or enhance psychedelic experiences and bring healing to body & being.

Part 14: You are the Medicine
In the pursuit of altered and expanded states of consciousness, many people have come to rely upon the ingestion of plants and chemicals. However, the human body has the capability of reaching flow states and psychedelic-like experiences on its own. In this final episode, our team of psychonauts examine different ways of achieving natural highs, to step out of the body and access higher realms of consciousness in order to experience the truth of our reality.

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