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Planet Parrot (2015)

Planet Parrot

Planet Parrot
Alien invaders are infiltrating our cities. Colourful, noisy and clever, they are multiplying rapidly. The rise of the city parrot seems unstoppable. But why are they doing so well in cities, while their rural cousins are struggling to survive?
About 50 Amazon parrots live rough on Stuttgarts streets. Theyre not built for the German winter- surviving there takes extraordinary adaptability. But, Stuttgarts Amazons are far from unique. Parrots are appearing in cities all over the world…and theyre doing it in big numbers.
Yucatan, Mexico: a small beak tentatively takes some food from its human surrogate mother. Even at this stage, the features are recognisable – this is a baby Scarlet Macaw. A team of parrot experts are trying to rebuild the wild populations of one of the most colourful parrots in the world. Every newly hatched parrot baby is nurtured until it is fit for release. Not only the Scarlet Macaw is struggling to survive in the wild, but many other species of wild parrots are declining in numbers as well.

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