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Peru Extreme Planet (2014) 2of3 The Andes And The Altiplano

Peru Extreme Planet 2of3 The Andes And The Altiplano
One of the world’s top wildlife photographers, Cyril Ruoso, is partnered up with a scientific journalist for an adventurous journey through three of the most extreme ecosystems on our planet, the impenetrable rainforest of the Amazon, the sky scraping glaciers of the Andes, and the desert plains of the Pacific Coast of Peru. During their search for rare and uncommon species, they meet with scientists and discover what links all three ecosystems together. Finally, they understand the need to preserve them when climate change and human activity are threatening their very existence.
Languages: English, French, Spanish English Subtitles

Part 1: Amazon Rainforest
Their journey begins in the Amazon forest, which covers most of the country. And with no roads to speak of, boats are their sole form of transport.Features night and spider monkeys, pink dolphins, poison dart frogs, cocks-of-the-rock.

Part 2: Andes and the Altiplano
Cyril and Anne continue their journey in the Andes where they discover the most active tropical glaciers in the world. Reaching heights of more than 6,000 meters, these ice giants act as the water reserve for all of its surrounding regions. At this high altitude is also an extraordinary array of plant and animal life, including the astonishing puya plants, the Titicaca water frog and the rare Andean spectacled bear.

Part 3: Pacific Coast
Their journey ends at the Pacific Coast having followed the rivers down from the Andes to the ocean, features Humboldt penguins, sea lions, fur otters, cormorants and the Peruvian boobies

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