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PBS – The Ascent of Money: Season 1 (2009) Episode 4 Planet Finance

PBS The Ascent Of Money Series 1 4of4 Planet Finance
The Ascent Of Money: Series 1
The series charts the financial history of the world, highlighting the effect that finance had on some of the biggest events in history.

Part 1: From Bullion To Bubble
Economist and historian Niall Ferguson takes a global look at the history of money starting with early mathematics and finance in Renaissance Europe to the conquest of the Americas, and from the Incan empire’s precious metals to the dubious finances around the Louisiana territory in the US.

Part 2: Bonds of War
In the second episode of the four-hour series The Ascent Of Money
,economist and historian Niall Ferguson explores John Law and his Louisiana territory Ponzi scheme that wrecked the economy of 18th Century France; and the innovations that let bond markets support warfare in Europe.

Part 3: Risky Business
Economist and historian Niall Ferguson examines the roots of the insurance industry in Europe; how disasters like Hurricane Katrina expose problems in risk management; how countries like Japan manage risk for their citizens; and the rewards that can be accumulated through risk with hedge funds.

Part 4: Planet Finance
In the final episode of four-part The Ascent Of Money series, Niall Ferguson chronicles the spread of good – and bad – financial practices across the globe, the meteoric rise of the American real estate market, and the consequences of the subprime mortgage fiasco.

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