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PBS – School Inc: Season 1 (2016) 3of3 Forces and Choices

School Inc 3of3 Forces and Choices
School Inc: Series 1
Why doesnt education use innovation and free market forces to grow like a successful business? Cato Institutes Andrew Coulson explores.
2017, Free to Choose

Part 1: The Price of Excellence
Andrew Coulson travels to East Los Angeles and discusses what happened when Jaime Escalante, a gifted teacher, became the basis of the Hollywood movie, Stand and Deliver. Then, Coulson travels to South Korea where college-bound students eagerly enroll in afterschool tutoring programs called Hogwons.

Part 2: Push or Pull
Andrew Coulson travels to Michigan’s Cranbrook high school. Cranbrook and other private schools in America typically don’t “scale up” to replicate their private school experience on a larger stage and serve more students. Is there someplace else where scaling up private education is happening?

Part 3: Forces and Choices
Andrew Coulson travels private schools in Sweden, London, and India to discuss some of their successes. Asking the question, What if education entrepreneurs put their money on the line in an effort change the education system to a business opportunity? Would excellence scale-up in education?

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