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PBS – Prehistoric Road Trip: Series 1 (2020) 1of3 Welcome to Fossil Country

Prehistoric Road Trip Series 1 1of3 Welcome to Fossil Country
Prehistoric Road Trip: Series 1
Join Emily Graslie for a summer road trip through America’s dinosaur country on a search for mysterious creatures and bizarre ecosystems that have shaped Earth.

Part 1: Welcome to Fossil Country
Travel with Emily through billions of years of Earth’s history to meet some of its earliest life forms, from primitive bacteria to giant reptiles and many surprising creatures in between.

Part 2: We Dig Dinosaurs
Cruise with Emily into the Cretaceous, when astonishing creatures like T. rex dominated the planet. But what happened to these tremendous animals? And how did other life forms survive an apocalyptic asteroid crash into Earth 66 million years ago?

Part 3: Tiny Teeth Fearsome Beasts
Join Emily as she continues her adventure, discovering surprising truths hidden in the fossil record. Meanwhile, scientists studying our planet’s past are revealing clues about its future.

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