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PBS – Outback: Season 1 (2018) 3of3 Return of the Wet

PBS Outback Series 1 3of3 Return of the Wet
Outback: Series 1
In a landscape so ancient that, in parts, it predates life on the planet, are animals superbly adapted to the harsh and beautiful extremes of Outback Australia. Over the course of a year, we journey with the people and animals of Australia’s Kimberley region in North West Australia: a vast, rugged and remote wilderness, bursting with character.

Part 1: The Kimberley Comes Alive
The Kimberley region in North West Australia boasts some of the most spectacular wilderness, and tough characters, in existence. We meet the humans, and the creatures, who – as the wet season comes to an end – begin their adventures across this diverse and surprising landscape.

Part 2: The Dry Season
It might be the dry season, but there’s no rest in the outback: There are turtle eggs to be laid, saltwater crocodiles to dodge and young birds on maiden flights. Cattle must be mustered from the far corners of vast cattle properties and, when that is done, rodeos slam into action.

Part 3: Return of the Wet
Watch as the Outback skies explode with thunder and rain, breaking the stifling heat, bringing relief to the animals and people, and beginning a new season in this ancient land.

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