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PBS NOVA – Volatile Earth: Season 1 (2018) Episode 1 Volcano on Fire

PBS NOVA Volatile Earth Series 1 1of2 Volcano on Fire
NOVA: Volatile Earth: Series 1 Volcano on Fire and Volcano on the Brink

In this two-part NOVA special, an intrepid team of volcano experts leads a daring expedition to reach the Virunga Mountains in East Africa, two of the world’s most dangerous, spectacular, and least understood volcanoes. And, join a team of volcanologists as they explore one of the world’s most active and mysterious volcanoes in central Africa: Nyamuragira. What feeds its frequent eruptions? And what are the other hidden dangers? The team deploys innovative imaging and sampling tools to seek clues to the hidden volcanic forces that are splitting East Africa apart.

Part 1: Volcano on Fire
Climb with volcano experts to the summit of Nyiragongo, a highly active volcano in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Twice in recent memory it has erupted, devastating Goma, a neighboring city of 1 million people. To investigate when it might erupt next, scientists climb into its crater toward a bubbling lava lake to deploy sensors and monitor the volcanos activity.

Part 2: Volcano on the Brink
Explore Nyamuragira, one of the worlds most active and mysterious volcanoes in Africa. Decades of civil strife have prevented scientists from investigating the volcano, but a brief pause allows an international team of experts to fly by helicopter to the summit to investigate. Discover the volcanos hidden dangers and probe whether magma pressure is building up to threaten another eruption.

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