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PBS – Far from Home: Canada and the Great War (1999)

PBS Far From Home Canada and the Great War

The history of Canada’s involvement in the First World War.
Narrated by Paul Gross.

Chapter 1. Sam’s Army
Canada was led to war by a bigoted, ignorant, self-obsessed Minister of Militia, who may well have been clinically insane, but the importance of Canada’s contribution in that war owes a great deal to him. The man of course, was Colonel – later made Lieutenant General by his own hand – Sam Hughes.

Chapter 2. The Battle of Vimy Ridge
Recreates for the viewer one of the greatest battles in Canadian military history. The programme shows Canadian character at its best, forging an identity for a country that before the First World War had been seen only as a British colony – an identity and a character that became recognised and respected throughout Europe.

Chapter 3. The Last 100 Days
An implausible story forms the heart of The Last 100 Days, namely that Canadian military accomplishments in the last hundred days of World War I, when the German Army was destroyed, surpassed those of any other army. Further, that the Canadian success was, in no small measure, due to Arthur Currie, whom a recent British historian describes as ‘the most successful Allied General and one of the least well known.’.

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