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PBS – Expedition with Steve Backshall: Season 1 (2020) 4of6 Mexico Flooded Caves

PBS Expedition with Steve Backshall Series 1 4of6 Mexico Flooded Caves
Expedition with Steve Backshall: Series 1
Head into the unknown with explorer Steve Backshall as he journeys to the world’s last unexplored places and faces challenges around the globe, encountering extraordinary wildlife and meeting remarkable people along the way.

Part 1: Oman Desert Canyon
Follow Steve Backshall to Oman, where he plans to drop nearly 1,300 feet into the deepest canyon in Southern Arabia. In the scorching desert heat, Steve and his team will explore an area where no human has ever set foot.

Part 2: Greenland Frozen Frontier
Accompany Steve Backshall to Greenland, where he aims to kayak across the world’s largest fjord during the Arctic’s most volatile and dangerous time of year – the spring melt – in an attempt to understand how rising temperatures impact the area.

Part 3: Suriname Lost World
Travel to the Guiana Shield with Steve Backshall, whose mission is to discover its abundance of wildlife and natural wonders. He travels deep into the untouched jungle, finding animals that have never encountered humans.

Part 4: Mexico Flooded Caves
Dive into a network of unexploded caves under the Yucatan Peninsula with Steve Backshall. After trekking through kilometers of scorpion-infested Mexican jungle to reach the caves, he faces the terror of being lost in an underwater silt cloud.

Part 5: Borneo Dark Shadow
Follow Steve Backshall as he drops down a sinkhole to explore a series of underground Bornean caves threatened by deforestation and limestone quarrying. The journey may lead to the potential to explore other undiscovered subterranean worlds.

Part 6: Bhutan White Water
Join Steve Backshall in the foothills of the Himalaya, where he plans to kayak the last unrun river in Bhutan, which runs through the country’s steepest gorge. Before his attempt, Steve seeks blessing from a local Buddhist monastery.

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