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PBS BBC – Earths Sacred Wonders: Series 1 (2020) 3of3 Visions of the Divine

Earths Sacred Wonders Series 1 3of3 Visions of the Divine
Earths Sacred Wonders: Series 1
Many of the world’s best-known landmarks have been inspired by faith and today more worshippers than ever are flocking to these sacred places. For some people they’re sanctuaries for quiet contemplation. For others, they’re sites for astonishing acts of worship, dangerous challenges and extraordinary deeds of devotion, rarely seen by outsiders.

Part 1: House of Divine
Meet a Muslim paramedic who helps fasting worshippers during Ramadan in Jerusalem. A Cambodian man risks his life to save his ancestral spirits from the jungle. A Buddhist warrior monk in China faces a test that will change his life forever.

Part 2: Closer to Divine
Travel to Japan, where a Shinto devotee undertakes a grueling challenge at a sacred waterfall. A young Muslim helps re-plaster a mosque in Mali. At a New York City cathedral, an Episcopal priest brings people and their pets closer to God.

Part 3: Visions of Divine
Follow a young Yazidi woman as she searches for salvation in Iraq. Meet an orthodox Christian who must deliver a holy flame into the hands of his bishop in Jerusalem. In Nepal, a Buddhist painter battles the elements to honor Buddha’s birthday.

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