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PBS – 10 that Changed America: Season 1 (2017) Episode 1 Buildings

10 That Changed America Series 1 1of4 Buildings
10 that Changed America: Series 1
10 that Changed America offers four whirlwind tours of America’s architectural treasures that changed our country. 10 buildings 10 homes, 10 parks, and 10 towns

Part 1: Buildings
Buildings tell the stories of ten influential works of architecture, the people who imagined them, and the way these landmarks ushered in innovative cultural shifts throughout our society. From American architectural stalwarts like Louis Sullivan and Frank Lloyd Wright, to modern revolutionaries Frank Gehry and Robert Venturi, this film examines the most prominent buildings designed by the most noteworthy architects of our time.

Part 2: Homes
In 10 Homes that Changed America we explore American housing through the ages; including a 600 year old Native American dwelling, Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello, a gothic castle in New York, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater, the home of Charles and Ray Eames, a tenement, and an early public housing project.

Part 3: Parks
10 Parks that Changed America is a lively history of landscape architecture in this country. We stop by the Squares of Savannah in Georgia, a park-like cemetery near Boston, the San Antonio River Walk, a park built over a freeway in Seattle, a toxic waste site that was transformed into a park, and Central Park and the High Line in New York.

Part 4: Towns
10 Towns that Changed America is the story of how we have planned our cities over time. We examine a Spanish colonial town in Florida, William Penn’s unlikely vision for Philadelphia, the Mormon plan for Salt Lake City, a failed company town near Chicago, urban renewal in Washington, D.C., and the latest ideas about city planning in Portland.

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