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Patagonia: In the Footsteps of Charles Darwin (2013) 2of2 Camarones to Darwins Rock

Patagonia In The Footsteps Of Charles Darwin 2of2 Camarones to Darwins Rock
Patagonia: In The Footsteps Of Charles Darwin
Patagonia. A country full of endless expanse of untouched nature. A unique wildlife awaits us here at the end of the world, where only a select few get there. Based on original quotations from his travelogue, the film follows the historic route of one of the most important nature observers and evolutionary scientists of history – Charles Darwin. The courses alternate shots from fascinating animal with breathtaking scenery. Follow us on this adventure and experience firsthand the beauty and fascination of the most unique landscapes on earth

KSM - Patagonia: In the Footsteps of Charles Darwin (2013) Part 1: Buenos Aires to Cabo Bahias
The Valdes peninsula on the east coast of Patagonia is a unique natural paradise belonging to the UNESCO world natural heritage. Home to one of the last colonies of elephant seals, this incredible habitat sees these massive and awe-inspiring creatures, weighing as much as five tons, haul themselves to this breathtaking place to live well and rear their young. Accompanying the elephant seals are the smaller sea lions that take advantage of the magnitude of fish that live on the coast, whilst along Cape of two Coasts, the world s large colony of Magellanic penguins gather.

KSM - Patagonia: In the Footsteps of Charles Darwin (2013) Part 2: Camarones to Darwins Rock
In the infinite expanse of Patagonia, man and animal live together in harmony in this incredible land. One of the world s most spectacular nature locations, this episode explores the beauty on offer as you are able to witness up close the magnitude of penguins, cormorants and sea lions that live and breed here. Taking steps already trodden by Charles Darwin, the forefather of evolutionary theory, you will reach Darwins Rock and appreciate where history was made and evolution confirmed whilst seeing all around you his discovery in action. This beautiful Blu-ray takes you on a journey not only through nature but through history as you see first hand the land that helped change everything!

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