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Orangutan Jungle School: Season 1 (2018) 08of10 Tots Teens and Tantrums

Orangutan Jungle School Series 1 08of10 Tots Teens and Tantrums
Orangutan Jungle School: Series 1
Take a voyage to a remote village in Borneo and discover a school unlike any other. At the Nyaru Menteng Orangutan Rescue & Rehabilitation Center, scores of orphaned orangutans learn the skills they need to survive in the wild. Follow dedicated caretakers as they teach their exceptional students how to play, eat, and socialize, with the hope that they can one day return to the wild.

Part 1: And So It Begins
It’s 7AM in Borneo. For the students at one of the world’s most unusual schools, that means class is in session. Under threat from poachers and deforestation,

Part 2: Movin on Up
It’s a big day at Nyaru Menteng: caretakers attempt to reunite two-week-old Clarita with her mother Clara following a traumatic separation.

Part 3: King of the Jungle
A team has spent two days working to capture 18 orangutans from a pre-release island so they can continue their journey back to the wild.

Part 4: The Misfits
The world’s rarest orangutan starts a new life at Orangutan Jungle School.

Part 5: A Whole New World
Orangutan Jungle School’s youngest residents are in for a big surprise.

Part 6: Weighs and Means
Witness a dramatic rescue mission to save an infant orangutan.

Part 7: Handle with Care
Vets must stave off disaster when a malaria outbreak hits jungle school.

Part 8: Tots Teens and Tantrums
A mysterious new orphan unexpectedly arrives–and it’s not an orangutan.

Part 9: Second Chances
Search through the rugged forest to find a missing, pregnant orangutan.

Part 10: Return to the Wild
Six remarkable jungle school graduates are finally returned to the wild.

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