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On the Edge: Season 1 (2019) 5of6 Altitude

On the Edge Series 1 5of6 Altitude
On the Edge: Series 1
How much can the mind persuade the body to keep going beyond the point the body is signaling to stop? A survival instructor, a specialist in hostile environments, and an engineer passionate about algorithms, Marc Mouret will be the main character of our series.

Part 1: Cold
Marcs challenge is to swim 1 km in a lake in winter, with water not exceeding 5.C. Marc will work with specialists and athletes who will train him to survive the icy lake and help him reach his goal.

Part 2: Acceleration
Marc will fly with the French Air Force aerobatics team. The maneuvers he experiences will subject his body to punishing forces up to eight times that of normal gravity.

Part 3: Heat
Marc will undertake a 150 km trek alone, under the extreme heat of the Tunisian desert. He will be accompanied by Regis Belleville, a famous explorer who has crossed the Sahara on foot.

Part 4: Reflex
Marc will have to become the best possible handball goalkeeper. During a match, goalkeepers intercept about 60 shots on goal. More than one shot per minute of play, with balls reaching up to 100 km/h.

Part 5: Altitude
Marc is faced with two problems: First, preparing for the extreme mountain environment and second, the physical exertion to climb a 6,000-meter peak in the Andes.

Part 6: Freediving
Marcs challenge is to free dive into the depths of the Mediterranean sea. His goal will be to reach 30 meters without breathing, a depth that only experienced athletes can successfully reach.

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