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Ol’ Man River: The Mighty Mississippi (2008) 2of2 The Two Rivers

Ol Man River The Mighty Mississippi 2of2 The Two Rivers
Ol’Man River: The Mighty Mississippi
The key points in the journey; Ol’ Man River turns back the clock, to reveal what the river was like when the first explorers encountered it the team travel with French, English, Spanish and American explorers as they met with Indian tribes and new and unexpected wildlife spectacles. In 2 one hour films, Ol’ Man River explores all these faces of the world’s most famous river and reveals that, in the words of its most well known admirer, Mark Twain.

ORF - Ol' Man River: The Mighty Mississippi (2008) Part 1: Great Barrier
Its catchment basin is the size of the Indian subcontinent and, at nearly 2.400 miles; it is the third longest river in the world. Come journey along the Mississippi from its mouth in the salt marshes of the Gulf Coast to its source deep in the northern forests near the Canadian border,

ORF - Ol' Man River: The Mighty Mississippi (2008) Part 2: Two Rivers
The Mississippi and Missouri Rivers helped shape the economy of the United States. Today, huge barges make their way through elaborate lock and dam systems, requiring no less skill than that of the famous steamboat pilots of old, so strongly evoked by Mark Twain.

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