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NHK – Zhangjiajie’s Miracle Stone Forest (2017)

NHK Zhangjiajies Miracle Stone Forest

A magnificent panorama of more than 3,000 stone columns soaring as high as 200 meters into the air! Welcome to Zhangjiajie, a region of natural wonder in China that’s registered as a World Heritage Site. Although a popular destination for tourists and a model for the scenic backdrop of the film Avatar, much of the area has restricted access and is virtually unknown.

With the permission of local authorities, we succeeded in filming this wonderland with a high-resolution 4K camera mounted on a drone. Join us as we explore the mystery of a mountain with a giant hole located 1,000 meters above the valley floor; discover rice paddies cultivated on steep precipices; and document the lives of local minority peoples. Travel back in time to retrace the ancient roots of Zhangjiajie in the Han dynasty, and explore the secrets of geologic change that gave rise to these dramatic columns of stone. And, as a special treat, witness the rare occurrence of the miraculous Torrent of Mist issuing from the mountain hole like white smoke from a dragon’s mouth. Our bird’s-eye view highlights the special appeal of Zhangjiajie for all to see!

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