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NHK – Yufuin: No Quake Will Defeat Us (2016)

NHK Yufuin No Quake Will Defeat Us

Yufuin: No Quake Will Defeat Us
Badly affected by the Kumamoto earthquakes of April 2016, the town of Yufuin, Oita Prefecture, one of Japan’s top hot spring resorts, experienced a dramatic drop in visitor numbers. Desperate to revitalize the area, local inns and other businesses banded together with residents to rebuild. Last time Yufuin was hit by a major quake, 41 years ago, some residents established a traditional Japanese taiko drumming group to boost people’s spirit in the midst of hardship. Those performers’ activities once more took on renewed significance this August, at a summer festival held to bring energy and excitement back to the town. We follow a dedicated community looking to the future over a summer of rebuilding.

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