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NHK – Wildlife: Collection 1 (2017) 4of6 Comb crested Jacanas

NHK Wildlife Collection 1 4of6 Comb crested Jacanas
Wildlife: Collection 1
Unique and awe-inspiring looks at animals in their natural habitats around the world from Gabons Lowland Gorilla to Atlantic Coast Basking Sharks

Part 1: The Western Lowland Gorilla
Following a large family of gorillas over nine years, this film captures many aspects of unique behavior as well as revealing touching stories of compassion among this gorilla family in the tropical rainforests of Gabon.

Part 2: Koalas
Arguably in the top three on everyone’s list of “cutest animals”, the koala lives a sleep-filled life. This film follows the koala community of Otway Forest, south of Melbourne, Australia. How do koalas behave? — and when are they awake?

Part 3: Penguins
So, you think you know penguins? Experience life in “Penguin Paradise”, on South Island, New Zealand, from which the first penguins are supposed to have evolved. Home to unusual penguins like the Little Penguin, and the forest-dwelling crested Fiordland Penguin – it is a penguin wonderland!

Part 4: Comb crested Jacanas
The Comb-crested Jacanas are unique birds that use their long toes to walk delicately across lotus leaves and catch underwater prey. This episode, filmed between the rainy season and dry season in Kakadu, follows a father bird raising his chicks through their dramatic and difficult first year.

Part 5: Hokkaido Red Fox
This story takes place in the vast northern land near the coast of the Sea of Okhotsk in eastern Hokkaido. Taking center stage are two mother Hokkaido red foxes caring for 10 pups. The mothers, who are in fact mother and daughter, each use their strengths and display amazing parental teamwork.

Part 6: A Tale of Gentle Giants
During summer, the Atlantic coast of the northeastern United States attracts huge amounts of fish and wildlife. Particularly interesting are the basking sharks, the worlds second-largest fish, and the leatherback sea turtles, which weigh one ton and are the worlds largest reptile.

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