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NHK Train Cruise – The Cities, Mountains and Seas of Osaka and Wakayama (2016)

NHK Train Cruise 2016 The Cities Mountains and Seas of Osaka and Wakayama

We start at Kansai International Airport. In the metropolis of Osaka Prefecture, we ride the futuristic “rapi:t” that resembles something out of a sci-fi movie, enjoy a bite at a local eatery, and travel by the latest streetcar through the suburbs. In Wakayama Prefecture, we journey through rugged terrain to Mt. Koya, 800m in altitude. Here we forget everyday and experience Buddhist monastic life. Then we take local trains down toward the Pacific Ocean. Along the way, we discover a little train that hauls the local mikan harvest through mountainside orchards near the coast. We also meet an old fishing family and a feline stationmaster. Enjoy a journey to the city, mountain, and sea in Osaka and Wakayama.

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