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NHK – Train Cruise: Autumn Delights in Tohoku and Shin-Etsu (2016)

NHK Train Cruise Autumn Delights in Tohoku and Shin-Etsu

The stage of our train cruise this time is deep autumn in East Japan’s Yamagata, Fukushima and Niigata Prefectures. Our traveler thoroughly enjoys both food created from abundant autumn crops and beautiful views of the colored leaves of autumn. In addition, our train trip touches local people’s lives by exploring regional traditions.

The cruise starts from Shinjo, Yamagata which is located less than 4 hours from Tokyo by train. Our traveler enjoys a boxed lunch filled with Yamagata’s autumn tastes and a Shinkansen event train car called Treiyutsubasa, which is equipped with an ashiyu hot spring foot bath. The next leg of the trip takes place on the Oza-Toro-Tembo Train from Aizu Wakamatsu in Fukushima. Our traveler is thrilled by the beautiful colored leaves viewed from the observation car and surprised to meet a cat stationmaster. From Niigata Station, our traveler visits Sea of Japan on the Ryuto Shu*Kura where passengers can sample sake rice wine produced in Niigata, one of Japan’s foremost sake brewing areas.

Traveller: Christelle Ciari
Narrator: Jeff Manning

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