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NHK – The Changing Face of Greed (2017)

NHK The Changing Face of Greed

Everyone on earth is motivated by greed and affected by the economic trends, forcing us to pursue immediate profit. The movement of capital extends beyond borders and never stops. But at the same time, there is an increasing need to stop and re-examine our economy. In the first half of this program, through interviews with experts of the global economy including Joseph Stiglitz, Alvin Roth and Tomas Sedlacek, the crises which capitalism is facing today become clear. Was Adam Smith wrong? What is the nature of money?

The second half discusses the economic state of play in 2017 with reports from Europe, the U.S., and Asia by analyzing the complicated economic system we know as capitalism. In the last half (part 2), destiny of globalization, nature of desire, and future of capitalism are discussed by experts of the global economy. Is legendary economist John Maynard Keynes misunderstood? Can we control capitalism of greed at all? This documentary contemplates the past, present and future of the Capitalism of Greed.

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