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NHK – Next World: Series 1 (2015) 2of5 Immortality And Eternal Youth

NHK Next World Series 1 2015 2of5 Immortality And Eternal Youth
Next World: Series 1
2045 and what will the world have in store for us? New technology developing now will change the way we live, work and play in the future.

NHK - Next World: Series 1 (2015) Part 1: Predicting The Future
How can the massive amounts of data and the new developments in Artificial Intelligence inform us individually and as a society? Michio Kaku, physicist and futurist, opens up the brave new world of information and the innovative ways to interpret and use it — Even for improving dating success…!

NHK - Next World: Series 1 (2015) Part 2: Immortality and Eternal Youth
The theme of this episode is longevity. At this moment, our life expectancy is increasing at the rate of five hours every day. This means that soon we might all be in an era in which we can live up to 100 years of age — but can medical science prolong the quality of life, not just the length?

NHK - Next World: Series 1 (2015) Part 3: Superhuman Capabilities
With your brain connected to a super computer, you could move whatever you want, and have capabilities beyond “your” own. Precisely when this will happen is hard to know, but such a world is coming. What does it mean for our life and society? Will sports change? What will a future army be like?

NHK - Next World: Series 1 (2015) Part 4: Virtual Reality
How will technologies like virtual reality or artificial intelligence change our life experience? Can we capture the personality of a loved one on a computer to keep with us always? Will we “travel” in real time through virtual experiences?

NHK - Next World: Series 1 (2015) Part 5: Habitat Expansion
Space exploration in the future…why not explore — and stay? Will we build hotels in space? Terra-form the planet Mars and settle there to mine minerals? What will it take for humans in the near future to get to “the final frontier” and make it a neighborhood?

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