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NHK – Cycle Around Japan: The Southern Island of Amami-Oshima (2016)

NHK Cycle Around Japan The Southern Island of Amami-Oshima

We take you to a place where you will not find in major guidebooks of Japan. It is 1,300km away from Tokyo. Amami-Oshima is an island situated in the sea between Kyushu and Okinawa Prefecture. The sea around the islands, designated as the National Park, is blessed with transparent waters, bright colored coral reefs and tropical fish, and is known as a fantastic diving spot. This subtropical island is home to several rare or endangered endemic animals and plants. In addition to that, it is warm during winter. We will start our cycle trip from the northern part of the island where the Amami Airport is located. You will meet the people inherit original island’s culture, such as island songs, and Oshima Tsumugi, the traditional high-quality hand-craft. Please join us, on this 330km journey around southern wonder island, Amami-Oshima!

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