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Netflix – Sex Education: Season 2 (2020) 8of8 Odds and End

Sex Education Series 2 8of8 Odds and Endx264
Sex Education: Series 2
The first season of Sex Education proved to be one of Netflix’s biggest triumphs of 2019 – and now its back for a second run a British -docudrama-comedy series which focuses on a group of young people trying to navigate sex and relationships (both romantic and platonic), as well as their own identities, has been explosive for all of the right reasons.

Part 1: Otis and Ola
Masturbation turns out to be Otis’s secret talent, but can he master his unruly desires for Ola? A chlamydia outbreak distracts the student body.

Part 2: Maeve
After Jean makes a cringey appearance at school, Otis tries his hand at pleasing Ola — and advising a hapless teacher. Fearless Maeve buckles.

Part 3: Otis and Jean
On her way to surprise Maeve, Aimee gets a horrible shock on the bus. Rahim connects with Eric as a Milburn family dinner gets seriously awkward.

Part 4: The Clinic
Ola wants to go all the way, but Otis is on edge. Jean and Maeve need their space. Jackson has performance worries, and star-crossed lovers reconnect.

Part 5: Otis and Parents
Otis and Eric get away from romance and retreat to the woods with Remi. But parents aren’t perfect, as Maeve knows. Later, Ola follows her heart.

Part 6: The Party
Bouncing back is the only option, so Otis throws a small gathering that turns rowdy, and Jackson deals with the healing. Who can handle the truth?

Part 7: Jean
Welcome to the morning after. “Sex kid” has made a huge mess — and just can’t stop barfing. Chaos comes to class, and in detention, the girls bond.

Part 8: Odds and End
The talking cure may be failing Otis and Jean as they sort out their issues. A wary Maeve makes the finals. Sexy Shakespeare never goes out of style.

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