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Nature Tech: Series 1 (2007) 3of3 LifePower

Nature Tech Series 1 3of3 LifePower
Nature Tech: Series 1
Biomimetics uses nature as a starting point for ideas ranging from different ways of exploring Mars to how to design a city of the future.

ORF - Nature Tech: Series 1 (2007) Part 1: The Magic of Motion
An Emmy Award-winner (nominated twice), this episode shows the aerodynamics of how animals walk, swim and fly. All the Wright Brothers needed to do was look up – to the turkey vulture’ Nature inspired man’s earliest motion and continues to do so today.

ORF - Nature Tech: Series 1 (2007) Part 2: The Material World
Nature is full of amazing materials, tougher than steel and sharper than our finest optics, and uses them in extraordinary ways. Scientists look for materials that are warmer, smarter, stronger and more eco-friendly.

ORF - Nature Tech: Series 1 (2007) Part 3: LifePower
Sunlight and plants, the alchemy of life. Human mastery of fire freed us from energy constraints, but at what cost’ the search for new ways
to live on our planet.

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