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National Geographic – Wonderfully Weird: Series 1 (2015) 1of2 Bizarre Beauties

Wonderfully Weird Series 1 1of2 Bizarre Beauties
Wonderfully Weird
Showcasing some of the most captivating scenes of crazy animal behaviours in a selection of informative and entertaining shows?
If looks can be deceiving then these wonderfully weird critters give deception a whole new meaning. From a mouse that howls like a wolf to a see-through frog or an alien-looking shrimp, these bizarre beauties show us just how wonderful weird can be.

A.Bizarre205 Part 1: Bizarre Beauties
A look at some of nature’s most oddly beautiful creatures, including colourful mantis shrimp, transparent frogs and mice that howl at the moon

A.Bizarre2017 Part 2: Weird but True
An insight into the lives of nature’s strangest creatures, including a lizard that can shoot blood from its eyes, and centipedes that glow in the dark

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