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National Geographic – Underworld, Inc. Series 1 (2015) 5of6 Knock Offs

Underworld Inc Series 1 5of6 Knock Offs
Underworld, Inc. Series 1
From the illegal weapons to the underground sex trade, nothing is off limits and everything is for sale in illegal, underground markets. It’s an industry that is brutal, exploitative, and corrupt where what you buy isn’t always what it seems. Despite efforts to crack down on these illegal trades, more than $625 billion makes its way into the US economy each year for illegal trade goods. Unprecedented inside access brings light to the inner workings of the last bastion of ‘free’ enterprise, charting a global path to the underworld economy. Workers, suppliers, sellers, customers – and the law enforcement trying to keep it in check – share their experience of a hidden world that touches us all.

National Geographic - Underworld, Inc. Series 1 (2015) Part 1: Ghost Guns
To get away with a crime, criminals look for completely untraceable guns. Enter the “ghost” gun: an exact replica with a fake serial number and no ballistic record — a gun that is potentially invisible to law enforcement.

National Geographic - Underworld, Inc. Series 1 (2015) Part 2: Sex for Sale
The illegal, multibillion-dollar global sex trade includes brothels, massage parlors and online escort agencies and is one of the oldest professions. Take a look inside this illegal trade where pimps treat women as commodities — bought and sold, used and abused, then discarded.

National Geographic - Underworld, Inc. Series 1 (2015) Part 3: Human Cargo
Mexican cartels dominate an extremely lucrative industry exporting undocumented migrants and squeezing them for cash. Thousands of Central Americans head north to the US border, lured by hopes for a brighter future, but people smugglers, who are often linked to cartels, make it difficult to cross without their supervision, and for a price.

National Geographic - Underworld, Inc. Series 1 (2015) Part 4: Illegal Gambling
Millions of Americans love to gamble, but some forms of gambling are restricted or illegal, pushing them underground, where the rules are very different. Here, if you want to play you have to pay.

National Geographic - Underworld, Inc. Series 1 (2015) Part 5: Knock Offs
Anything and everything can be faked: watches, purses, shoes, electronics, and smartphones. Go underground to see the breathtaking enterprise and expertise of counterfeiting — an economy that turns over an estimated $500 billion a year.

National Geographic - Underworld, Inc. Series 1 (2015) Part 6: Fake Pharma
Go inside the underground economy of knockoff pharma, where the demand for fake drugs continues to grow and buyers can find an abundance on the Internet, in the pharmacies and on the streets.

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