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National Geographic – Tut’s Treasures: Hidden Secrets (2017) Season 1 Episode 1 Treasures Rediscovered

Tuts Treasures Hidden Secrets Series 1 1of3 Treasures Rediscovered
Tuts Treasures: Hidden Secrets
Uncovering the story of a young king and leader who was powerful enough to re-establish a failing Egypt at the center of the ancient world.

Nat. Geo. - Tut's Treasures Hidden Secrets: Series 1 (2017) Part 1: Treasures Rediscovered
Howard Carters discovery of Tutankhamuns tomb in 1922 made headlines across the world sparking a global frenzy for Ancient Egypt. But over the decades since the find, many of the pharaohs priceless grave goods have disappeared into museum basements and archives across Egypt. Now all 5,398 objects are being reunited for the first time since their discovery at the new Grand Egyptian Museum.

Nat. Geo. - Tut's Treasures Hidden Secrets: Series 1 (2017) Part 2: Golden Mask
King Tuts incredible death mask – 24lbs of pure gold – has always been the subject of debate with many scholars believing its damaged nameplate, known as a cartouche, and different colours of gold meant it was never made specifically for him. It was more likely made for his female ancestor, Nefertiti. And, until now, the evidence seems to back that theory up. New analysis of some of his many burial goods, including ‘Shabtis- miniature effigies that were meant to act as servants in the afterlife- suggest up to a quarter of all the treasures in the tomb were made for someone else.

Nat. Geo. - Tut's Treasures Hidden Secrets: Series 1 (2017) Part 3: Tales from the Tomb
Of all the 5,398 treasures from the tomb of Tutankhamun now being assembled and forensically investigated at the Grand Egyptian Museum in Cairo, its the ones that paint a picture of Tutankhamuns family that are the most unsettling.

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