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National Geographic – The Mighty Northwest: Season 1 (2017) 1of5 Golden Coast

The Mighty Northwest Series 1 1of5 Golden Coast
The Mighty Northwest: Series 1
The Mighty Northwest: Home to the tallest trees on earth, the last of America’s big glaciers, and a string of towering volcanoes, America’s Pacific Northwest is one of the nation’s most intriguing and mesmerizing natural wonders. In this five-part series, discover the epic meeting of land and sea that attracts some of the biggest marine life on the planet, traverse the Redwood forest-home to an incredible diversity of animals and the tallest living beings on earth, and trek the iconic Rocky Mountains where wildlife thrives despite the harsh climate and steep elevation.

Part 1: Golden Coast
Titans clash along California’s Big Coast, where rugged highlands meet the deep ocean.

Part 2: Rise of the Redwood Giants
Featuring the giant trees over the Californian coast.

Part 3: Under the Volcano
Wild mountaineers survive among the High Cascades, a landscape of sleeping giants.

Part 4: Glacier Land
Discover the ice-carved valleys, steep slopes, and hidden lakes of America’s Glacier Lands.

Part 5: Shadow of the Rockies
From low valley meadows to the peaks of its mountains, discover the amazing life around the Rockies.

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