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National Geographic – Tales from the Tomb: Part One (2005) 2of2 Harem Conspiracy

NG Tales From The Tomb Part One 2of2 Harem Conspiracy
It is a world shrouded in mystery. The tombs of the ancient Egyptians were thought to be portals that would carry their inhabitants to a glorious afterlife. In modern times these burial chambers reveal fascinating stories of the rulers of ancient Egypt. No civilisation invested more faith, energy or money in ushering its citizens – particularly its royalty – comfortably into the afterlife than the ancient Egyptians. From Luxor and Saqqara to the Valley of the Kings, the distinguished embarked on their eternal voyage in magnificent grandeur. From the archaeological jigsaw puzzle the ancients left behind in their tombs, a portrait of a powerful, complicated culture has slowly been emerging.

002061 Part 1: Mystery Mummy
National Geographic will tell the story of one of ancient Egypt’s most horrifying mummies, now known as Unknown Man E. This indvidual was discovered in a large cache of royal mummies, but why? And why was his mummification so bizarre and unique? NG will attempt to uncover the reasons for this strange mummification and address the many theories as to this man’s as yet undetermined identity. Along the way, we will detail the ancient Egyptian belief in the After life, and what each Egyptian citizen did ensure a good life in the After world.

002067 Part 2: Harem Conspiracy
Ramses III was one of Egypt’s greatest pharaohs. A man whose armies saved Egypt from ruthless invaders. His exploits, temples and fortresses were the stuff of legend the world over. But his reign ended in a mysterious death. Was he undone by his harem and defeated by sexual intrigue? The conspiracy lay silent for over three thousand years. Until now.

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