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National Geographic – Storm Worlds (2010) 2of3 Alien Winds

Storm Worlds 2of3 Alien Winds
Storm worlds imagines the unimaginable, harnessing extreme alien storms and playing them out on planet Earth.In this series, the world’s top scientists show us how Earth is cosmically connected to other planets through weather. By studying other planets in our solar system, we not only learn about the history of our own planet but also experience heart-stopping depictions of what the future might hold in store for us here on Earth. And in doing so, the scale of these storms can be truly understood.

Part 1: Deadly Dust
Deadly Dust, familiar landmarks are dwarfed by towering, twisting “dust devils” as our small blue planet is plunged into a global nightmare, enshrouded by a gigantic dust-storm of Martian proportions.

Part 2: Alien Winds
Alien Wind, Earth faces terrifying winds that flail its surface and shred our infrastructure, mirroring tortured HD 80606b, a gigantic “exoplanet” orbiting a far-away star and lashed by winds of 11,000 mph (18,000 kph)

Part 3: Cosmic Fire
Cosmic Fire, when a solar storm of almost apocalyptic proportions destroys large parts of the World’s electrical grid, thrusting our civilization back into the Steam Age and resulting in millions of casualties as our modern technological infrastructure crumbles. Chillingly, a storm like this happened only 150 years ago, but the effects on our pre-technological world were minimal. Now scientists say they would be catastrophic.

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