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National Geographic – Secrets of the Viking Warriors (2003)

NG Secrets of the Viking Warriors

— Also aired as “Genius of the Vikings” in 2 parts —

They were once the most feared men in europe, an unstopable band of rutheless warriors.. Vikings.
For 1200 years the vikings have been famed for their bloodlust, their barbarism, their prowess in war. But how much of the image is actually true? New research now shows that there is more to the vikings that meets the eye.
In the 9th century AD, the Vikings dominated Europe, looting and raiding indiscriminately. Two hundred years after bursting onto the world stage, the Vikings had invaded England, attacked the world’s wealthiest empire- Byzantium, and were poised to colonize North America. How did they achieve such far-flung expeditions? And why, ultimately, did they disappear from history?
Their brutality has become legend, but did the Vikings’ achievement rest on more than just violence? Naval supremacy, military strategy, craftsmanship and fighting spirit – what is the Viking legacy?
They Began as sea borne raiders, inspired by a pagan mythology but their ambition soon turned to conquest. They became invaders, settlers, builders of great fortresses and cities. They grew rich on the manufacture and trade, hoarding so much treasure they had to bury it. They ended as pioneers, their navigational skills pushing them to the edge of the world.
This documentary explains and shows the history of the viking warriors, how they excelled in battle, styles, their weaponry and also showing the story of were and how far they conquested. Includes re-enactments, interviews with historians, and an overview on how the Vikings succeeded, and how they ceased to be.

Darlow Smithson Productions in association with Channel 5 and National Geographic Channel

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