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National Geographic – Nazi Underworld: Season 1 (2013) 3of4 Hitlers Drug Use Revealed

Nazi Underworld Series 1 3of4 Hitlers Drug Use Revealed 540p
Nazi Underworld: Series 1
This brand new series provides a surprising look at the world of Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich. Each episode tackles a different mystery; from the secret missions of the Second World War, to the truth about the Nazi gold hidden in the Alps, to revealing insights about Hitler himself – was he bipolar? Did he use cocaine? Was his personal physician trying to poison him?

National Geographic - Nazi Underworld: Series 1 (2013) Part 1: Nazi Gold
Documentary investigating mysteries of the Third Reich and casting light on Adolf Hitler’s secret life. It begins by looking at the lost treasure allegedly buried in Lake Toplitz after panicked Nazis shipped crates of gold, diamonds and stolen art there while the Allies closed in on Berlin. However, many explorers have searched in vain and the loot has become subject of several conspiracy theories.

National Geographic - Nazi Underworld: Series 1 (2013) Part 2: Deadly Missions of World War 2
Exploring the most secret and mystifying operations of the Second World War including the 1943 Gran Sasso mission to free Benito Mussolini.

National Geographic - Nazi Underworld: Series 1 (2013) Part 3: Hitlers Drug Use Revealed
It’s hardly surprising that the frantic, paranoid, sweaty leader of the Third Reich might have taken cocaine. And yet, the extent of his supposed habit would shock even the most hardened storm trooper. The dictator’s medical records suggest a hopeless addict. Many were written by the Fuhrer’s very own Dr Feelgood: his personal physician, Theodor Morell. The doctor accompanied him everywhere, prescribing a dangerous cocktail of drugs. As you would expect from a coked-up Hitler, this is lurid stuff that overreaches itself. That said, it exposes yet another dark side to the dictator. High Hitler, indeed.

National Geographic - Nazi Underworld: Series 1 (2013) Part 4: The Ghost of U 513
What really happened to the German U-513 submarine when it sunk in 1943? We uncover the mysteries surrounding its final resting place. The story of how adventurer Vilfredo Schurmann travelled to the Brazilian coast and located the wreck of Nazi submarine U-513.

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