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National Geographic – Lost Treasures of the Maya: Season 1 (2019) Episode 2 Secrets of the Underworld

Lost Treasures of the Maya Series 1 Part 2 Secrets of the Underworld
Lost Treasures of the Maya: Series 1
The great cities of the Maya stand like sentinels within the vast jungles of central America. But despite more than a century of intrepid archaeology, most of the ancient Maya world has remained unseen and unexplored.

Part 1: Secrets of the Snake Altar
A treasure map leads to the discovery of a lost fortress; a sacred altar is unearthed, revealing secrets of the legendary Maya Snake King uprising; Albert Lin travels to a remote jungle, where technology reveals evidence of a forgotten war.

Part 2: Secrets of the Underworld
The treasure map uncovers a mysterious pyramid complex that reveals clues of violent sacrifices; newly discovered cave systems reveal gruesome evidence of ancient Mayan rituals; Albert Lin dives deep beneath the surface of the Mayan spirit underworld.

Part 3: Secrets of the Sun God
Albert Lin follows the treasure map to a pyramid at the heart of the most famous ancient Mayan city; divers search for an entrance to a flooded cave beneath a Mayan pyramid; archaeologists find a ceremonial royal drinking cup that reveals the tomb of a lost king.

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