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National Geographic – Lockdown Behind Bars (2018) 5of8 Offenders

Lockdown Behind Bars 5of8 Offenders
National Geographic s Lockdown series takes viewers headfirst into life in the gritty underworld of America’s maximum-security prisons, where gangs are prevalent, predators stalk their next prey and inmates are armed with deadly weapons.behind bars to capture the drama and tension of prison life in America with eye-opening stories of prison officials who try to keep the peace in these miniature war zones and the inmates who spend every day underlock and key.

Part 1: Golden State Slammer
In Californias prison system, race wars, gang recruitment and even the search for friendship can be a threat to inmates and guards alike

Part 2: Bloody Battles
In prisons across the country, violence is a constant threat. The preparation for battle is a matter of survival, and blood may be spilled when you least expect it.

Part 3: Family Business
In prison, criminal choices sometimes run in the family, like a gang leader serving time with her aunt, and murderous twins both facing prison time

Part 4: Deadly Lessons
In prison, young offenders are offered an opportunity to change their ways, but fail, and they face adult prison, where they are viewed as prey.

Part 5: Offenders vs Officers
In prisons across the country officers and inmates are constantly at war, whether its new officers or specialist response teams

Part 6: Under the Influence
Venture into the brutal world of drugs alcohol and other illegal substances running rampant throughout prisons

Part 7: Jail Bonds
In prisons around the country, human connections can sometimes be the difference between life and death. But maintain them can be hard.

Part 8: End of the Line
In prison, inmates who have committed horrible crimes have an opportunity to change their ways. But not everyone makes the right choice.

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