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National Geographic Inside – Indian Naval Academy (2017)

NG Inside Indian Naval Academy

‘Inside INA’, a one-hour long, break-free captivating narrative accurately captures how the men and women of Indian Navy are trained and moulded into future Naval heroes who serve the nation.

A riveting view into the meticulous mental and physical training that each candidate undergoes, to rise to the challenges at sea, inspires valour and patriotism. A great mix of action, emotions, and sacrifices makes this a perfect way to celebrate Independence Day and salute the heroes of our nation.

‘Inside INA’ underlines our core proposition of showcasing stories, ideas and people that take us Further – through a quest or mission. It has been heartening to be able to showcase the story of these cadets and the next generation of Naval Officers who whole heartedly embrace this very attribute. Combine that with the National Geographic gold standard of story telling and you get a compelling one hour that will take you through an extraordinary journey.

This is National Geographic’s fifth series celebrating the spirit and courage of the Indian armed forces.

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