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National Geographic – Hitlers Stealth Fighter (2009)

NG Hitlers Stealth Fighter

It has been hailed as one of the last great mysteries of World War II. It was supposed to be undetectable for British and American radars. Small aircraft with 1000 kilograms of bombs flying 1000 km per hour. Hitler’s last chance. Did the Germans fly the first stealth fighter in 1944?
In the final months of World War II a jet-powered flying wing made its first flight from a remote airfield deep inside Nazi Germany. Generations ahead of its time, the Horten 229 was designed to be a lethal fighter-bomber and more importantly, virtually undetectable to allied radar. Had Reimar and Walter Horten designed the world’s first stealth fighter? In his later life, Reimar Horten promoted the idea that the Horten Ho 229 V3 was intended to be built as a stealth aircraft, which would have placed this jet’s design several decades ahead of its time.
Go behind scenes with an elite group of aerospace designers and stealth experts from Northrop Grumman as they build a full-scale model of the sinister bat wing fighter. Once complete, go where camera have never gone before, as the Northrop team test the Nazi fighter’s capability at their remote Tejon Radar Range. After decades of debate and speculation the mystery of the Horten 229’s stealth capability is finally put to rest.

Produced by Myth Merchant Films for National Geographic Channel

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