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National Geographic – Generals at War (2009) 2of3 The Battle Of Singapore

Nat Geo Generals At War 2of3 The Battle Of Singapore docuindex net

The show highlights specific battles or skirmishes, where one commander is pitted against another. Using computer-generated imagery, many scenes are illustrated using cardboard-cutout-like figures to represent soldiers and equipment. Key battle decisions are examined, in order to explain the overall outcome of the battle.

Part 1: The Battle of Singapore
In 1941, the Gibraltar of the East was under attack by the Japanese. Despite the brave efforts of Lieutenant General Arthur Percival, Lieutenant General Tomoyuki Yamashita oversees the largest capitulation in British history.

Part 2: The Battle of El Alamein
After an undefeated record throughout North Africa, German Field Marshal Erwin Rommel has an opportunity to face off against a commander worthy of his skills: the new British commander, General Bernard Law Montgomery.

Part 3: The Battle of the Bulge
In 1944, the end of Hitler’s Third Reich was near and Berlin was in sight. In a desperate attempt, Hitler conceived of a bold new offensive to strike the Allies through the Ardennes Forest, pitting General Omar Bradley and Field Marshal Walter Model.

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